Member Fees


Please add $1.10 to all Direct Debit contracts


Casual Visit

1 Class $25.00


Muay Thai

Joining Fee $95

1 Class per week $19.90 Weekly

2 Classes per week $29.90 Weekly

Unlimited Classes $39.90 Weekly

Kids 2 Classes per Week $29.90 Weekly


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Joining Fee $95

2 Classes per week $34.00 Weekly

3 Classes per week $43.00 Weekly

Unlimited Classes $49.90 Weekly



Joining Fee $95

1 Class per week $19.90 Weekly

2 Classes per week $29.90 Weekly


Mixed Membership Fees (Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, MMA)

Joining Fee $95

2 Classes per week $34.90 Weekly

3 Classes per week $44.90

Unlimited Classes $54.90 Weekly

10 Class Pass

  • Buy a 10 class pass for only $220
  • Great for a Gift Voucher
  • You can purchase your pass at our reception desk
  • Valid for any Class on our timetable
  • Valid for 3 months

Matrix 10 Class Pass

Payment Method – Direct Debit

Matrix Gym uses Ezidebit payment systems to facilitate this transaction. As a Member you have agreed to the Direct Debit agreement as the means of payment for Membership Fees. It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available from the nominated account on the appropriate drawing due date. This is a binding Agreement, which can only be terminated in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. A $14.80 bank dishonor fee with be charged for insufficient funds.

Cancelling Your Membership

Your membership can only be cancelled at our reception desk by completing the Matrix Gym cancellation form with one of our staff. Our reception hours are – 3.30pm to 7.30pm Monday to Thursday.

Please do not cancel your Direct Debit at your Bank.

You must give a minimum of 2 weeks notice before the cancellation comes into effect.

Should you cancel your debit agreement before the 16-week contract period has been completed, you are required to give 2 weeks notice of cancellation and a $100 cancellation fee will apply.

Your weekly Direct Debit is drawn each Friday as per your contract agreement. Following your request for cancellation a further 2 payments will be drawn from your account, during which time you can continue to train at Matrix Gym.

Suspension of Membership

There may come a time you wish to suspend your membership if you are taking annual holidays or have an injury/illness.

You can put your membership on hold for a minimum period of 2 weeks and up to a maximum period of 4 weeks suspension per calendar year for holidays/short term injury or illness.

Short term Training or Work related Injuries are not cause for cancellation of your membership.

A maximum injury period of 8 weeks per calendar year is an option for any major injuries you may suffer (eg broken bones). Suspension can be activated once a doctors medical certificate has been presented.

To suspend your membership we must supply an on hold Start date & a re-commencement date.

All contact regarding your suspension can be made at the reception desk or must be in writing by email. (not verbal or text)

Please email


Join us for a 30 minute introductory class so that you can experience Matrix Gym before you commit. All ages, skill levels, and genders welcome!

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