This is for professional fighters who want to test their skills, has the drive and most of all the competitive nature. The Fighter Program is an invitation only program.

Our fighter program is for the dedicated student as it requires 100% commitment. To be the best requires incredible discipline, combat-proven training methods, unbelievable mental fortitude and more.

Benefits of our Fighters Program

  • Over 20 years experience in Muay Thai
  • Train with Thai pad holders
  • Train with 1 of the best Muay Thai gym’s in Australia with a proven record.
  • Have trained World Champions in Muay Thai
  • Career management
  • Fast track to compete in Australia’s best promotions

More Information on Muay Thai

Muay Thai is considered to be the national sport of Thailand and one of a handful of martial arts in the world that has been undeniably battle-tested. Street-certified and ring-proven for real-life encounters, Muay Thai was originally developed by the people of Thailand to defend themselves against foreign invaders.


Join us for a 60 minute complimentary introductory class so that you can experience Matrix Gym before you commit. All ages, skill levels, and genders welcome!

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