The Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes at Matrix are designed to help a child in all areas of his or her life by instilling respect, confidence, discipline, mental strength, defence skills, and much more. It is designed for boys and girls from ages 9 to 14 years old.

Martial arts can be an excellent teacher for children to learn life skills such as discipline, hard work, integrity, confidence, teamwork and more. Martial arts are about continuous self-improvement physically, mentally and emotionally.

Class Description

The philosophy of our Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes is to help build life skills for your child through the martial arts. Your child will inherit confidence, mental strength, discipline, focus, and much more. Of course, the goal is also to bully-proof your child against bullies. During a child’s formative years, it is critical for a child not to become a victim of bullying. The scars of bullying can last a lifetime and destroy self-esteem and confidence.

Age Group

We have Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes available for boys and girls from the ages 9 to 14 years old. These classes are available on Tuesdays an Thursday afternoons. See our timetable for class times.


As a member of the Matrix Muay Thai Kids Classes, your child will enjoy these benefits:

  • Authentic instructors
  • Self-defense against bullies
  • Balance, coordination,
  • Physical strength Improvement
  • Weight Loss
  • Discipline, confidence, focus, mental strength
  • Life skills to excel in all areas of life

More Information on Muay Thai

Muay Thai is considered to be the national sport of Thailand and one of a handful of martial arts in the world that has been undeniably battle-tested. Street-certified and ring-proven for real-life encounters, Muay Thai was originally developed by the people of Thailand to defend themselves against foreign invaders.

Muay Thai


Join us for a 60 minute introductory class so that you can experience Matrix Gym before you commit. All ages, skill levels, and genders welcome!

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