Muay Thai is recognised globally as the most effective striking art today. Honed over 2000 years Muay Thai is based on simplicity and effectiveness. A graceful blend of punches, elbows, knees and kicks the core of Muay Thai is in its effectiveness in real situations, be it in the ring or on the street. It relies on simple moves and efficient movement to generate maximum power. If you are interested in learning Authentic Muay Thai on the gold coast, Matrix is the place to be!

Class Description

Muay Thai can be used as a great fitness workout and is excellent for toning and building lean muscle as it uses all parts of the body. Muay Thai provides a great cardiovascular workout increasing aerobic strength. Training sessions include a selection of plyometrics, body conditioning, targeted pad work, partner drills and work using a punch bag. Reflexes, eye to hand and your overall coordination will improve with this type of workout, as will aerobic fitness, stamina and muscle definition.


In addition to the overall benefits of a rigorous fitness program, you will enjoy unique benefits as a member of the Matrix Muay Thai program:

  • Learn a Martial Art
  • Unlimited Training
  • Burn up to 1000 calories per session
  • Lose fat, tone up and improve cardiovascular fitness
  • You will experience a great martial arts workout
  • Muay Thai instructors from Thailand
  • Seminars conducted by World Champions
  • Able to attend field trips to Thailand

More Information on Muay Thai

Muay Thai is considered to be the national sport of Thailand and one of a handful of martial arts in the world that has been undeniably battle-tested. Street-certified and ring-proven for real-life encounters, Muay Thai was originally developed by the people of Thailand to defend themselves against foreign invaders.

Muay Thai


Join us for a 30 minute introductory class so that you can experience Matrix Gym before you commit. All ages, skill levels, and genders welcome!

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