Be trained by elite level Matrix Personal Trainers. Our trainers have over 15 years & up to 30 years experience. All Trainers are Thailand proven & tested. No intimidating gym just you and your Matrix Trainer.

We provide one-on-one or group Muay Thai personal training from the beginner through to programs for seasoned professionals. Personal one on one training will maximise your fitness and at the same time accelerate your skill level for fast results. If you would like that personal touch our qualified Muay Thai Personal Trainers with a wealth of experience can tailor make a fitness programme to suit you and your needs.


  • Lose weight and burn body fat
  • Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour
  • Get fit, healthy and toned
  • Gain Strength and Build Lean Muscle
  • Learn a Martial Art
  • Build a strong foundation of Muay Thai
  • Learn the art of self defense for the real world
  • Inherit more confidence, self-discipline, mental focus
  • Release stress, feel rejuvenated, increase your energy levels

How does Personal Training work?

Personal Training is the fastest way to get results because you have an expert in your corner that helps you avoid all the mistakes. Personal Training keeps you on track by holding you accountable to your training and provides you with the right programme – one that is specifically designed around your needs, goals and lifestyle. Expert advice goes a long way to getting results faster, and our Personal Trainers are the best experts in the fitness industry. People will often try to give you advice on training but the wrong advice often comes with consequences. The way we look at it is, you wouldn’t let your mechanic cut your hair so don’t let a celebrity tell you how to lose weight. 

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Good question. So good in fact, that we’re  going to answer it by asking a question… If you’ve been unsuccessful training on your own up until now, why do you think that doing it that way again will be any different? Even the most disciplined high performing athletes in the world use trainers. The fact is, if people could do it easily on their own, then the majority of people would be walking around with a six pack not a muffin top. Why use a Personal Trainer? Because it works.


Come join us for a 30 minute complementary consultation. We can chat about your training goals & how we can help you achieve them. For more information, please call 0411 717 664.

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