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Peter Kent - Head Trainer

Head Trainer Peter Kent started his journey when he sought out training for Muay Thai. With the scarcity of Muay Thai in Australia, it led Peter to visit Thailand to gain a better understanding of the sport, coming back with the idea of establishing Matrix Gym.

Since then, we’ve trained world class fighters including Frank Giorgi and Nathan Corbett who secured his first world title in 2003. More trips between Thailand and Australia meant that Matrix fighters could learn as much as they could and bring back the knowledge, and continue to grow in skill.

Fast forward to 2015, Matrix Gym introduced Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA programs.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve established ourselves as a leading Boxing and Muay Thai gym on the Gold Coast, and have produced some of the best Australian Muay Thai fighters. Come and see what we’re all about and try us out.


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At Matrix Gym, we combine decades of expertise with a passion for boxing to deliver a transformative training experience.  Here’s what sets our classes apart:


Why Matrix Gym is the
Gold Coast's Favourite Gym


One of the original three gyms on the Gold Coast, starting in 1995


Led by World Class professional trainer Peter Kent


Among the most experienced instructors in Australia


Train in all major styles – Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ & MMA 


Families, men, women and children train and grow in a warm, friendly culture

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Beginner Boxing

Our Beginner Boxing classes focus on the fundamentals. You'll be with people who are just starting out too! No previous experience or fitness level is necessary, as we'll be teaching you the basics to introduce you to the world of boxing.

Boxing Fitness

Experience the ultimate exercise session with our boxing fitness classes! Our trainers will teach you the fundamentals of boxing while also working with you to reach your fitness goals.

Advanced Boxing

Our Advanced Boxing sessions are specifically tailored to helping you refine your boxing techniques, aiming to help you master the intricacies of advanced punches, combinations, as well as completing offensive and defensive drills.

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frequently asked questions

How many boxing lessons you need really boils down to what you’re aiming for and how fit you are to start with. If you’re just starting out, kicking off with 2-3 lessons a week is a good call to make sure you’ve got enough downtime between classes.


You are never too old to start learning boxing. Boxing can be adapted to suit a range of ages and fitness levels. It’s advisable, however, to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new physical training programme, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions.


As a beginner boxer, focus on mastering the fundamentals, including stance, footwork, and basic punches. It’s crucial to build a solid foundation with good technique to prevent injuries and improve effectiveness. Regularly attending classes will help you to progress.


Certainly, boxing can be pursued purely as a hobby. Many people enjoy boxing for its fitness benefits, the skills they learn, and the community they become part of, without the intention to compete. Boxing is a versatile sport that accommodates various levels of interest and commitment.


One of our friendly team members would love to answer any more questions you might have – and you can reach out to them at 0411 717 664. You can also book an unlimited 1 week trial for $20!


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