Have a look over the history of Matrix Gym and see how what started as a passion for Muay Thai, lead us to establishing a multidisciplinary training academy. Over 25 Years strong and still going Matrix Gym is the home for Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and MMA on the Gold Coast.


1995 the Matrix Journey Starts when Owner Peter Kent begins his Muay Thai journey seeking out training on the Gold Coast. It was still the early days and the popularity of Muay Thai was not what it is today and finding good training was difficult. Thus leading to a visit to Thailand in 1997 to gain further understanding and upon return established Matrix Gym.

The Start


Matrix Gym’s first batch of fighters emerge and enter regional competitions. Establishing Matrix as a fight ready Muay Thai Gym.

First Fighters


As Matrix Gym’s Muay Thai reputation grew it started attracting world class fighters such Nathan Corbett who trained with the gym whilst he secured his first world title.

Nathan Corbett


By 2005 regular trips to Thailand seeking out the best gyms to train at became the norm further pushing the standard of the Gym.

Thailand Tours


In 2007 Matrix and 4 X Lumpinee Superstar Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee lived and trained at Matrix Gym. The relationship between Peter and Lamnamoon started what would become the connection between Matrix Gym and Sor Sumalee Thailand.

Lumnamoon Sor Sumalee


2008-2014 saw many more trips to Thailand further honing the Matrix fighters skills and fight craft and establishing Matrix Gym in the Australian Muay Thai community as one of the leaders.

Thailand Tours


Due to the already strong relationship with Jason Roebig of Axis Jiu Jitsu having first conducted his seminars in Matrix Gyms facilities. 2015 saw the setup of the Matrix Gym Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


The Matrix MMA Program commenced in 2017 with the combining of striking and grappling. This is what happens when you cross championship winning Muay Thai, Boxing and Gracie Jiu Jitsu with experienced instructors.


Matrix has produced some of the best Australian Muay Thai fighters
over the last 25 years.